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Hi All,

Has anyone come up against Adware.ALOT google doesnt seem to have much on it.
I ran a scan on a clients PC with Malwarebytes, just 4 infiltrations of Adware.ALOT 3 on a maxtor backup device and one on the c drive.
The client nformed me that he had lost about 10 days worth of emails in Outlook I was able to retrieve all except 3 days of the maxtor fore him ,but it seems this bug had disabled the backup as well as it had not backed up for a few days.
Also scanned with ESET AV  - no viruses

Since doing this cleanup a couple of hours later my clients PC is in a spin cycle offering the options of enter safe mode with or without networking last know good config and a 10 second countdown and cannot get into the PC can anyone give a heads up on this???

 thanks in advance.
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I'm assuming that when he selects Last Known Good Configuration that it doesn't work. You might try running a Repair.
A Repair is not designed to overwrite data but you should take precautions.
Additionally, while a Repair may correct the issue it will require that you reinstall your most current Service Pack as well as the Hotfixes that accompany it. So I recommend having XPSP3 on disk prior to running a Repair.

Hi David,

thanks for the response...

Correct nothing works out of the standard F8 option except dont even have to press F8 it is a continuoes loop that includes safe mode options. Thanks for the heads up in regards to SP3 I had forgotton about that come across it once before but that was using a SP1 that had already had SP2 installed. I am going to try a repair install after I make slipstream disk thanks.

If you still haven't done the repair yet, check to see if the safeboot option/parameter was enabled in the boot file. You can check this in two ways:

1. Go to Start > Run and type in msconfig and click on OK. Then click on the BOOT.INI tab and see if SAFEBOOT is checked. Uncheck it if it's checked.

2. Go to Start > Run and type in C:\boot.ini and click on OK. See if there is a /SAFEBOOT parameter in that file. If so, remove just that text (/SAFEBOOT) and save the file.

You might still need to run additional scans even when you bring the system back up (either by being able to get back into normal mode or after the repair) as there may still be other malware infections not detected by your scanners.

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