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Guillaume Zussy
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Hello experts !

I have several files which are referred to as GCE* (e.g GCE_ihm_parametrage.props). I want to rename all of them in order to skip GCE_.
e.g : GCE_env_param --> env_param

I already thought about a solution that uses awk :

find . -name GCE_* | awk -F"_" ... but i'm lost after the awk...

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance !
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you can try this -
find . -type f -name GCE_\* | while read fn ; do echo mv $fn  $(echo $fn | awk -F"GCE_" '{print $1 $2}'); done
Note 1) I put echo in front of mv for you to test. Remove it when you're satisfied with the results.
Note 2) Please make sure that the part of the filename following GCE_ is unique, else mv will overwrite the output file[s]!
Guillaume ZussyJava middleware Admin


Thank you wmp ! It's really great !

I tested it and it worked perfectly !

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