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I use this simple script to hide/ unhide some content:

With this script I have two buttons. They both can hide/ unhide some content. My problem is that if button A is selected and I click again on button A, the content disappears. I want it that it always show default content.

Basically I want that if I click on Button A, it must not be possible to click on it again. Because that would make the content disappear.
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if you don't want that link to be clickable again, then why dont you simply remove the href attribute and onclick event handler from that link

you can either do
document.getElementById("linkId").href = null;
check this link

you can later put the link back again using addAttribute (like second one) or simply assigning the attribute value later (like first one)

<style type="text/css">
.hidden { display: none; visibility: hidden;}
.unhidden { display: block; visibility: visible;}
<script type="text/javascript">
function unhide(divID,id) {
if(id == 1){
document.getElementById("botton1").disabled = true;
document.getElementById("botton2").disabled = false;
document.getElementById("botton2").disabled = true;
document.getElementById("botton1").disabled = false;
  var item = document.getElementById(divID);
  if (item) {

<input id="botton1" onClick="unhide('learnHTML',1)" type="button" value="Unhidden"> 
<input id="botton2" disabled="disabled" onClick="unhide('learnHTML',2)" type="button" value="Hidden"><br><br>

<div id="learnHTML" class="hidden">

<li><a href="">Free HTML Class</a></li>
<li><a href="">HTML Tutorial</a></li>
<li><a href="">What is XHTML?</a></li>


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use a function like this...

function Toggle(buttonId)
      var button = document.getElementById(buttonId);
      if(button.disabled == false)
              button.disabled = true;
              button.disabled = false;


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Sorry, I didn't realize I made a mistake in my question.

I'm not using buttons, but images, like this:

<a href=javascript:unhide2('switch1');javascript:hide('switch2');><img src="images/tab_aanbiedingen.gif" /></a>

So the above solutions will not work since it is not a button. Any idea's ?

@Dutch_guy: Did you tried what i suggested?
I have not talked about buttons.



Could you explain it a bit more, beacuse I know very little of Javascript...
I had simply suggested that you remove href/onclick attribute from the link.
in other words,
<a href="" onclick="">.....<!--Inside the link, it could be text, div, or an image -->... </a>

if you remove href and onclick attributes, then it will become.

<a>.....<!--Inside the link, it could be text, div, or an image -->... </a>

which is actually not a link.

Then later on you can add these attributes back if you want.



Looks like this is what I need. Could you provide the script ? I have no idea how to implement this.
Please use the following as reference


   function removeLink(linkObj)
         linkObj.href = null;
         linkObj.onclick = null;

   function addLink( linkObj )
       objLink.href = ""; \\add the href property
       objLink.onclick = ""; \\add the onclick event handler


<a href="javascript:removeLink(this)" onclick="removeLink(this)">


I eventually changed the button to an image and went for animesxplosion's solution. Works great !

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