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Hello Experts!

I have a ZyWALL 5 as a firewall. Some pc should not be allowed to access the web, exepct for some web sites.

The blocking part i working great, but its the trusted website I have a problem with, when I say that www.degulesider.dk is allowed, its stil not working.

I think that this have something to do with, that the website uses other websites to lookup the reguest.

But how do I say to the firewall that everything that is happining from that website is allowed?

Is this possible?

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To verify, under Security->Content Filter->Object, you have configured trusted (allowed) web site list. And under Security->Content Filter->Policy, policy customization, you have added the site under Trusted web site.

Also, can you give some example of redirected websites from where you access the web site in question, first are those websited themselves allowed.

Please update.

Thank you.
The problem was that the site I was trying to blovk had a lot of undersites.

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