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I hasve a client that has just installed a mobile broadband card (Huawei E800) into a windows XP machine. We can connect with the card using Vodafone NZ network. I can ping websites without issue but cannot browse using internet explorer. I can use internet explorer when using other types of interenet conenctions ie using a lan cable or wireless conection but not the 3g card. I can browse using other bowsers to browse in internet such as firefox. I have gone through and reset the internet explorer settings without any joy i have also rolled back to IE6 was on IE8 before. I have checked all my connection settings and all are set correctly.

Anyone had anything similar or have any advise ?

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Have you tried configuring IE via Tools >> Internet Options >> Connections >> Click Setup Button. Just follow the Wizard to complete your Connection.

You can try playing with the Listed Dialup & VPN Settings too which should make IE aware about your 3G connection.

It was a long time back but I had to run the Wizard at least once to get my Windows 98 Box working which would always present me with the MSN connect to the internet Dialog Box even when I was connected to a LAn with Internet Access.

Change your IP settings to automatically obtain an IP.

Click on start >> settings >> network connections - find the connection that is the 3g card, right click and select properties.

Now scroll down the listview to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and select it and click properties - ensure its obtaining the ip automatically.

If that is already at obtain automatically, ensure that no other connections are active, i.e. turn wireless off, disconnect any ethernet cables and try again.
With the 3G Card connected--

Control Panel >> Network Connections >> Advanced (on Menu) >> Advanced Settings >> Adapters & Bindings Tab >> Select your 3G connection & move it to the top of the list.

Test. Does that help?


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