Find dupilicate mac address in DHCP reservations.

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I'm trying to add a computer to a DHCP reservation and when I do it gives me the message "The specified IP address or hardware address is being used by another client." I checked the IP and it can't be pinged and I've also tried reserving the mac to a different IP and received the same response. Is there a quick way I can find what IP reservation the mac address is connected to?

Note: using Server 2003 on a XP/Vista environment. All IP address that are not used are reserved with a dummy MAC address and when a computer is added to the network the MAC address is added to a unused IP that's been reserved with a fake mac.

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You can have a DHCP server show you its reservations like this:

netsh dhcp server \\YourServer scope ScopeAddress show reservedip

Where "\\YourServer" should be your DHCP server name (including \\) and ScopeAddress is like

Does that help at all?



Did not work, but good info.

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