How do I link GAL's from 2 separate exchange/AD domains, both running exchange 2007?

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As a school, we run an admin domain and an academic domain. There are no trust relationships between the two, as they run entirely independently for (primarily historical) security reasons. Each have their own independent exchange 2007 server. I know in Exchange 2003 it was not possible to have each able to view & send to the other's GAL, but is this now possible in Exchange 2007 and, if so, how? We particularly need to allow the admin domain to view the GAL from the academic domain.
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It can be done with 2003 using Identity Integration Featire Pack see here:

The latest version which works with Exchange 2007/2010 is Identity Lifecycle Manager, although I have to say I have never used it only read about it:

There should be no reason to use seperate domains these days (I also manage school networks) and advise against 2 domains, for the simple reason that it can all be achieved using correct permissions, group policies.  The admin overhead of running 2 domains isn't worth the hastle compared to centralised management of a single domain/users/exchange.

If you don't' want the students to be able to see staff mail identities then you can give them a different address book and control it that way.

You would have to use a directory sync tool, either use ILM 2007 as mentioned by demazter or use Quest DSA, Quest would be relatively easier to setup then ILM.


Looking into both these possibilities and will get back & allocate points once investigated. Many thanks for both suggestions.

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