Exchange 2003 ActiveSync and ISA 2004

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Can anyone explain how to setup ISA 2004 to allow active sync to be passed to our Exchange Front End server?

The ISA 2004 server is in a DMZ and already has a OWA publishing rule that only allows HTTPS protocol.

The problem is when an Iphone tries to pass thorugh isa it says Denied connection. In the ISA logs, it mentions
client username: anonymous
Action: Denied connection

Im not sure if we need to make any modifications to the current OWA publishing rules which works for standard OWA traffic.

When we redirect our firewall directly ro the Exchange FE server we can get Activesync to work on iphone.

This would mean that ISA is preventing access, Im struggling on what to look for on ISA. Please assist.

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You don't need any special settings for iphone. If it works with a Windows Mobile device, it should work with a iphone too.

Have you created a ActiveSync publishing rule? It's different from the standard OWA rule!
Use the wizard to create a new Mail Server Publishing Rule and select ActiveSync as service.

Try this. If you need further help for creating the rule, just give a small notice!
Regards Dave


Thanks for reply,
I'm new to ISA 2004, can you tell me a rough step by step guide on how to set this rule up?


Hey, have a look at this article:

The important part for you starts at about the half of the page with the headline "Creating a mail publishing rule".

Best Regards

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