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Are there some tutorial for programming in Linux Kernel? I am using Redhat/Ubuntu.
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Of course, you should see the Alessandro Rubini's "Writing linux device drivers", it's the first step to programming the linux kernel. You can find the 2nd edition here:

I would suggest you to start of with "Robert Love - Linux Kernel Porgramming" as this is best recomended to begin with and easily digestalbe. Also you could subscribe to kernelnewbies mailing list. In addition if you are more interested in experimenting with some of the drivers LDD3 (Linux Divice Drivers - 3rd edition - But note that most of the books are outdated in terms of the kernel APIs / interface keep changing.  Also quite a of the concepts have changed and you may have to do some catching up from sites like + use google.

other interesting links to start off with:

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