2008 R2 Server and Workgroup Connection problems

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We have just upgraded from 2003 svr to 2008 R2 svr. Workstations on the domain can log on, use printer scripts and access file shares.
We also have about 70 notebooks(xp and vista) on a workgroup.(Corporate mandate that they are not to be joined to Domain). Logon script asks for user name and password, printer script will not run and adding a mapped printer works until restart and then fails again. Also cannot access shared files(showing as read only on server and when you try to change revert to read only). All was fine with 2003 server.
Authentication problem or DNS problem? I'm hoping there's an expert out there who can help resolve this.
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It may be more DNS related.. How are the printers and the drives being mapped?  If they're being mapped by NETBIOS name then this may be why they're not mapping. If the resources are on the domain and you're mapping them by name instead of IP (i.e. \\PRINTSERVER vs \\ the workgroup may not be able to resolve the name of the resources on the domain.  IP should work though.


Yes thanks, it turns out that DNS and resolving names to IP's is the main issue.

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