I can not send mail from outlook and owa

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Hello All,

I have installed an SBS 2008, every thing was fine until yesterday night. I Have fully patched my server and standed it in production ;)

Before it was pathced i was able to send mail from outlook and owa.

At the moment i only can get mails but i can not send. After i press send button, mail lands in outbox and if i was sending it from owa, mail lands in draft.

I have checked HUB transport and recive connectors but it seems it's default...
Where should i look for errors, or something helpful messages?

I have no idea what should i do, and check..please try to give me some help and points...

Best regards,
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From the EMC - run the Mail Flow Troubleshooter in Toolbox.
Send connectors are responsible for outbound delivery - see Organization Configuration - Hob Transport


I have checked send connector...ithe config is very simple and it seems ok.
I have attached it to this post.


Smart host usually refers to an SMTP host provided by your ISP or another service provider, such as GMail. It's very unusual to have a smart host on your LAN. Are you sure this is correct?
If it is, can you send mail to an external address using that host?
telnet 25
helo me
mail from:your address here
rcpt to:external address here
subject::telnet test
your message here
.(this is a period)
 Then check your external address if no errors were encountered.



Aye ofc, it's a linux box with postfix...the config is correct, i have tested it by hand over telnet...

it ok...i have an own smart host... ;)

But my problem is i can not send mail from my domain to any domain especialy to my domain to domain (from outlook or owa)

So fireking@latus.local user can not send mail to fireking@latus.local user.... this is the big problem...

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