Checking if powerPoint app. exist

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for my winform app, i would like to run a power point presentetaion in view mode.
If the user has the PowerPoint app. I have to run POWERPNT.EXE /S FILE.PPT.
If the user has the PowerPoint viewer I just have to run the FILE.PPT.
I was using the FILE.exist in order to loacte the POWERPNT.EXE in office directory which is in C: drive, but in some cases the system ask to put a CD in the tray.
Do I have a way to  know if the user has the PowerPoint app. or the PowerPoimt viewer without using the FILE.exist method?
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It would be easier to run this instead
"START file.ppt"
If the user has powerpoint or powerpoint viewer or whatever other app that is the default to execute files with an extension of ppt, Windows will ask the corresponding application to load the ppt file.

Also, I hope you are using System.Diagnostics.Process to run these commands.

If you really want to find out if the user has PowerPoint or other apps installed, the best place to check for it is the Windows Registry.

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