Joining 2 SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 databases

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How can I create a query/connection string to join 2 SQL Server CE 3.5 databases?

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what do you mean by "join"? Are you trying to create a linked server? Check this link for the connection string syntax for SQL CE. 
More info on how to create linked servers here:


I am trying to create a query with tables from 2 SQL Server CE databases.

I cannot create link servers because there will be no instance of SQL Server running.
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Have you tried ?
select * from server.database.owner.table a                               --(usually owner is dbo)
inner join server.database2.owner.table2 b on =


I am using SQL Server CE so there is no server. And the database is a file, so I need to specify the file name and password for each database. Maybe on the connection string?
I see. . Just curious, is it possible for you to use SQL express instead?
Anyhow, here are two links that I think will help you creating the connection to the databases: 
And of course use the first link I've suggested. (, see my first comment)


I have never really tried SQL Server Express, so I'm not familiar with it.

In SQL Server Express, will I need to have a database administrator to manage the database? Because in CE, the database is completely standalone and I can manage everything through code.

Actually, I know how to connect to a single sql server ce database. But I can't seem to find any documentation/samples that shows how to connect to 2 databases at the same time.
Well, SQL express is designed for small businesses, but it has more capabilities than CE. It really doesn't require a lot of maintenance. I think you should read this whitepaper for more details. 
From the above link, leep this in mind: "SQL Server Compact Edition is designed to meet the needs of applications where it is important to embed a lightweight data engine directly into the application."  So when you have two databases maybe it's time for you to think on having a more robust database engine such us Express edition, or consider having all your data in one database or create a server to syncronize all your data. Just my opinion.
>> But I can't seem to find any documentation/samples that shows how to connect to 2 databases at the same time. <<
Worst case scenario, remember that you can work with both recordset programmatically using functions such us Seek.


I have posted a new question to help me decide which version of SQL Server to use. Thanks for your help on this.

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