MySQL / Joomla Problem

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Hello Everyone.

I dont know if anyone will be able to get my out of this little problem Im in, but lets try.
I have a QNAP server ( which comes pre-installed with a LInux OS, MYSQL and Joomla.
My plan was to create a Joomla website, when I noticed in the Administration page under MYSQL, there was a yellow triangle indicating some type of error.  ( I know nothing about SQL) But what I saw was "JOS_ "  I thought that maybe I had made a typo by accident to it, so I changed it to "JOB_"
Once I saved it, I cannot access the administration page of Joomla.  It is giving this error:

jtablesession::Store Failed
DB function failed with error number 1146
Table 'testsite.job_session' doesn't exist SQL=INSERT INTO `job_session` ( `session_id`,`time`,`username`,`gid`,`guest`,`client_id` ) VALUES ( 'feaae79c80af774037b9534e152dde05','1265029539','','0','1','0' )
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Reza RadConsultant, Trainer

jos_ is correct and it is default prefix of joomla for tables,
i think you must run setup again for solving problem


Can you explain how I run the setup again?  I have tried to reverse my steps, but get no where.
Jesse MatlockUX Engineer

delete your config.php file and make sure your install directory is still there (I usually just rename the /installation directory after an install to make re-installation easy if I need to for any reason.

Once that is done (delete config.php file and verify installation directory exists or copy it from joomla install package), DROP ALL TABLES from your MySQL database.. this removes all the data and tables.. the new install will replace this..

Go to

That should walk you through it again.

The other option is to login to MySQL and run a query to change job_ back to jos_ - not the easiest if you're not familiar with MySQL or SQL syntax.
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Cloud Manager....Lets verify.

When I completed the installation, Joomla's gave me a message to remove the Install directory, which I moved it to another folder.
Can you clarify my steps for me please..I am honestly lost. *blushes*
UX Engineer
Move the installation folder back to the root of the site
Next delete your config.php file...
Then access your MySQL admin and drop all tables from the database.. or delete the whole database and create a new one of the same name...
Now, go to your sites URL, it should redirect to the /installation directory and start a fresh install process..

NOTE: This will delete ALL data from the previous install.. so, if you wish to retain any info, we'll need another course of action (namely, a SQL query to rename the table prefix.)


Perfect im back in business!!!!!

Cloud, before you run away...Can I ask a few questions regarding using Joomla?
I need some help getting started... :)
Jesse MatlockUX Engineer

Sure.. no worries.. but to stick with the rules of EE, if its not pertaining to this question, it's best you close this one and open a new question.. this way we keep it sorted :)

If it's along the same lines of this question, fire away :)


Thanks for your help Cloud!

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