Dial up broadband phone number from the uk - no contract type - anyone know a number in UK?

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Customer is in the uk and wants to use dialup.
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Dial-up and broadband are contadictory - to have boradband you need to have an (A)DSL enabled line (which cannot be done unless you pay to have it enabled - its not something that can be switched/on off by dialing a number.
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And as you probably know being in the UK all the dial-up "pay-as-you-go" providers require you setup a (free) account with them and access the service via a 'phone number that charges you both for the call (which goes to the telecomms provider) and a premium (which goes to the ISP). You also must have caller-ID enabled so the ISP can log the connection point.
Here's a list of all UK dial-up providers with links through to their websites
As far as UK ISPs go TINSTAAFL  :(



I meant to say "dial up" but added broadband in error.


Your statements are incorrect.
There are many dial-up providers in the UK that do not require you to setup an account or require CLID to be enabled.  One example is adial (UK2).
You can call 0845 665 3000 with your modem and your on for 4p a minute.  www.adial.co.uk


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