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We recently migrated to exchange 2007 from groupwise 7.  We are having an issue where meeting requests are not marked on the recipients calendar as tentative unless they open the meeting request.  Newly created accounts since the migration are working fine.  All of the clients are outlook 2007.  I'm using the runas to open different profiles from my pc and get the same results so I dont believe it's a outlook issue.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated
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start outlook using  /cleanfreebusy

i.e. OUTLOOK.EXE /cleanfreebusy

and tell me if it works


No difference.  Just did another test meeting request and it comes in to the mailbox. If I don't touch it, it does not mark my calendar as tentative.  As soon as I open it, then it marks my calendar as tentative.
This always happens to me.  I would spend many hours researching a problem and not find it but as soon as I post something someplace I stumble upon the resolution.

This is my situation & resolution.  We used a 3rd party migration tool to migrate from groupwise to exchange 2007.  During the process of creating the mailboxes, their script created our mailboxes with the setting automateprocessing set to "None".  Which will make it wait for use action before it will add anything to the calendar.

So if anyone else is having this issue, I would recommend running Get-MailboxCalendarSettings from the exchange management shell and make sure the automateprocessing field is set to autoupdate.

There is also another item that could cause this problem. I saw this because of a user having a problem where the meeting requests were not being tentatively accepted.  This is for Exchange 2007.

Get-mailboxcalendarsettings |fl
The AutomateProcessing property should normally be set to AutoUpdate for a User Mailbox (AutoAccept for a Room Resource mailbox).

There is another property called AddNewRequestsTentatively.  It should be set to True.  Normally it always is but we ran into an incident today where that value had somehow been changed to false.  You can set it by using the following command:

set-mailboxcalendarsettings username -AddNewRequestsTentatively $true

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