differences between versions of Microsoft Dynamics ?

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I'm looking for a replacement for our current accounting package (MYOB), and am trying to understand what Microsoft Dynamics brings to the table.

However it seems nigh impossible to be able to distinguish one dynamics product from the next. Wikipedia isn't much help (and it usually is!) and the microsoft pages seem really generic.

Can anyone enlighten me, or if there is a good resource out there, e.g. a microsoft page that I've missed etc, then pls let me know !


PS my requirements are posted here
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You have a project ahead of you.

Unfortunately, I don't believe you will find any brochures, white papers, or documentation that will tell you whether a system meets your exact requirements, or even operates the way you need it to for your business.  You will find vague descriptions of features, but never enough detail to know exactly how they work.

In terms of the Microsoft Dynamics products, I suspect that you would only be considering Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Dynamics SL (Solomon), and maybe Dynamics NAV (Navision).  Dynamics AX tends to be for larger companies (i.e. over $100 million in revenues).

Dynamics GP does have payroll, and I do know of staffing firms that use it, but I don't know if it will be a fit for your company.  

I think a starting place is to understand the licensing costs of any package that you look at.  I don't know what MYOB costs, but if you aren't willing to spend $3,500 per system user, plus several thousand dollars for consulting time to implement the software, then the Dynamics products may be too expensive for you.

Next, rather than trying to figure it out on your own, I would recommend finding a few local Microsoft partners who can help you understand your requirements and determine if a Dynamics solution is a good fit.  They effectively get paid to help you do this, as they receive a margin on the software sale to compensate them for the time they spend working with potential customers.

Since you are coming from MYOB, I would also recommend looking at the Sage software products, such as their MAS software.  They have acquired so many packages in the last several years that I don't know what product makes sense for you, but they are a popular competitor to Dynamics GP.

And as you talk to MS and Sage partners / resellers, do not be shy.  If anything they say doesn't make total sense to you, or they don't seem to have the knowledge or competence that you want, find one or two other partners and get their thoughts (let them know that you are talking with other competing partners).  I've seen too many customers dissatisfied because their initial software partner was incompetent.

Let me know if that helps.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional


It would also be worth checking out Saasu.com.

We use it as a replacement for MYOB and it does a fantastic job.


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