HP DL120 G5 windows 2008R2

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I'm trying to install windws 2008 R2 on HP DL120 G5 server.
I configured the disk 250GB SATA to work in a RAID1 using the array configuration (F8 on the HP server) I'm using the build in DL120 G5 disk controller
Whan I start the winodws 2008 server instalation it's see the disks.
What I need to do ?
I tryed to download from HP web site the controller drivers but look like didn't help (maybe I download the wrong one)
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Hello optimaltest,

Ive seen this before - HP supports answer iis to create new install media using your install media and put in the RAID card drivers with nLite http://www.nliteos.com/ sounds complicated, it isnt - takes five minutes and its about 6 mouse clicks :)




Why I need to create new ubstallation media ?
It's windows 2008 R2, I can provide the driver during the installation but didn't help
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To have the drivers for the server included in the install media.
i.e. currently, as you've indicated you may have provided the wrong drivers for the RAID controller.  The create a new install media means that you can incorporate all the available drivers for your server such that when the OS is installed all drivers raid, network, sound, video, etc will already be present and properly configured.
If you have multiple hardware i.e. hp, dell, ibm, etc. you can create a single new media with drivers to install the os on any of those.
I do not know whether HP has a similar tool to dell's openManager boot CD that boots up the system and then configures the RAID and passes all the necessary drivers for the system to the OS installer.
Insight managet might be but I am not sure.

make sure you pick the right version for which you want/need drivers.  Check what you've downloaded, you may have to expand/install the drivers i.e. the issue might be that what you've downloaded and tried to provide during the install was a zip/exe file rather than the driver references i.e. .inf individual expanded files.


HP Have Smart Start but not for DL120 G5.
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In this case, your options are download all the drivers for the OS version you have win2k8, win2k8R2 forboth 32/64 bit.
Just for clarity sake, you can not use 32bit drivers to install 64 bit system.
Download all the drivers/software available for the DL120 for win2k8 32 and 64 and R2. expand the drivers and include them all on the USB stick.  When installing include the additional drivers and let windows pick the ones it needs during the install.

Is this the only server you have or is it the most recent addition?  If there are others, an option could be to setup insight manager to deploy the OS to this server if it is an option.

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