What would make a printer change from online to 'use printer offline' in the windows printer status?

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What reasons can I tell a user why their printer says 'use printer offline' in the blue bar at the top of the windows que window.

An easy fix - click on printer, then uncheck 'use printer offline'.  But what's some things that would cause that?  This is windows xp pro, SP3

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Normally someone has ticked - use printer offline !
Hi IamStumped.
I should consider:
1) if it's a network printer, it could became unavailable just at the printer level or at the printer server level. Perhaps too much traffic on the network, or just because the printer does not send back an "I'm alive" bounce message. Are you using some kind of printer server connected to a non-networkable printer? I've used to have this kind of conduct on paralell printers connected to small printer servers.
2) If it's an USB printer, XP sometimes changes the name of the usb printer by adding to the printer name "Copy 1" or "Copy 2" according to the attention number the usb processor assigns in the startup routine. This could make that the default printer, sometimes is not recognized (appears grayed out on the printer lists), and a printer with the same name (with the plus stated above) appears as available although not the default one. If that is the case, when sending something to the default printer, it's going to enter on a "use printer offline" mode.



I've been experiencing this always with USB printers. I tell my officemates that when the computer boots up and it didn't detect the printer because its unplugged, it automatically puts the printer to offline mode.

I agree with you Goofytouy.

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