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How can I change the below so it does not displays
vSortedColumn as NULL (or something) instead of
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
when users don't click on a column header to sort the
gML_ROITEMDataGridView ?

string vSortedColumn = this.gML_ROITEMDataGridView.SortedColumn.ToString();
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try this,

string vSortedColumn = Convert.ToString(this.gML_ROITEMDataGridView.SortedColumn);
  It should like :
string vSortedColumn =this.gML_ROITEMDataGridView.SortedColumn == null ? string.Empty : this.gML_ROITEMDataGridView.SortedColumn.ToString();
Mathiyazhagan's arswer is more robust...as when this.gML_ROITEMDataGridView.SortedColumn = null, i thing Convert.ToString will crash.

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