OCS 2007 certificate error

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I have just installed OCS 2007 standard ediion in win 2003 sp1 server. I used a separate server for OCS. Installation went fine but I am getting a certificate error while login and could not login.
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ParanormasticCryptographic Engineer

Not sure since you did not specify which certificate error you are getting, but my guess is that you may have generated a self-signed certificate that needs to be deployed to your clients as a root certificates via GPO:

Otherwise, make sure that you are entering the name the same way it is in the certificate (server1 and server1.domain.com are not the same thing).
Please mention the error for further assistance


"There was problem verifing the certificate from the server ,Please contact to system administrator"
ParanormasticCryptographic Engineer

Is there a 'view details' or something to that effect?  See if you can get a little bit more details to make this more efficient, otherwise most certificate validation issues can be resolved from the steps in my article:


If you're still having issues after going through that, please post an update, if possible include a screenshot.  
Cert details should show a Subject Name (SN) and Subject ALternative Name (SANs).

Ideally your cert should look like this:

SN= FQDN of Std Edition Server
SAN2=FQDN of Std Edition Server

Fix that, restart services, then ensure you are using automatic configuration (SRV record in DNS).  If you are manually configuring, you cannot use an IP address, you need to have the std edition FQDN listed. (Cert is name based, not IP based)

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