Error Complying/Install DBListView Package

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Hi I get this Error when I try and Install this Package

I get the Following Errors.

[DCC Error] DBListView98.pas(316): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'TChangeLink'
[DCC Error] DBListView98.pas(317): E2007 Constant or type identifier expected
[DCC Error] DBListView98.pas(318): E2007 Constant or type identifier expected
[DCC Error] DBListView98.pas(453): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'TCustomImageList'
[DCC Fatal Error] DBListView98.pas(617): F1026 File not found: 'DsgnIntf.dcu'

how do I get this to work?

whats a DsgnIntf.dcu file?

I'm on d2009
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Ok, I'm getting it backward (answered already at your last question). never mind, I'll tell you here more about the DsgnIntf

It is the unit name for Delphi Design classes (base classes for IDE integration, like components or properties editor)

At some point, Borland changed so much the IDE and its concept that they decided to break backward compatibility a little in order to augment and reorganize those functionalities, normally only used by experienced Components developers. But the thing is, when you find some old components made with Delphi 3 or 5, and try to compile in newest Delphi version, sometimes these components require the design classes.

So you have to adapt the code to the new Delphi component classes and units. That is not easy, but hopefully, that's a well known problem with lots of tips to help you.

1) You should never try to find and add the Design units code in your package, but instead state that the packages requires the designide package (containing all design units)

2) the unit DsgnIntf in older versions, changed into DesignIntf , but was also split in other units like DesignEditors
So you usually have to start replacing all DsgnIntf into DesignIntf, and if some classes are still not found, add other design units in uses. I usually search them on delphi help or Google to know which one.

3) some methods of ancestors might have changed, so once derived in the new component the signatures  no longer match. This can be tricky, but sometimes it's just a matter of replacing the old signature with the new one

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