Implementing daily Bulk email (>10000) from ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application with C#

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I am working on a web application using .NET 2.0 AND c#.
Its a recruitment site and jobs are posted by recruiters .
I am saving the jobs as soon as the recruiters posts the job.
and we want to send the bulk mail to all our registered users(>10000) to notify the job post.
When I am doing it in JobPost.aspx page by calling a fUNCTION IN Business logic the page(jobpost.aspx ) processing does not finishes until all mail is sent which takes more than 30 min and error comes.
When I am starting a background thread form the jobpost.aspx.cs then the page JobPost.aspx renders but the background thread some times sends a few mails some times doesnot sends at all.
Plese suggest if there is good way to Implement this feature.

Implementing daily Bulk email (>10000) from ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application.
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Hi Dhiraj

Refer below article:
WebMailer:                                                                               Sending 1000s of emails from a web page without timing out.

Also it creates the log as well. this will be helpful in-case of an error occurs

It has both the C# and Sample solution


i recommend a split

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