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I have a procurve 5412z, I really don't do much to this switch so I am sort of ignorant on how to use it, so please excuse my ignorance.

Currently we have 2 Internet connections, all the users from the switch in the 45.48 network have a default route of 48.1 which is the switch.  In turn (I am assuming) the default route for the switch is 45.15 which is our Internet firewall server.  Our 2nd firewall and internet connection is 45.13 I was wondering if there was a way that I can set it up so that all the traffic goes through 45.15 (internet default route) unless it is down then route through 2nd connection 45.13.  I am assuming there is a cost that I can put on the two routes???

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!
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You would have to use either a dynamic routing protocol like RIP or OSPF amongst the 2 firewalls and the switch or use VRRP between the two firewalls.


I thought it was possible to setup the default route on the switch to be with a metric and then with a lower metric or cost so that it would automatically fail over if needed.. I guess that really wouldn't work now that I think of it cause how would it know 15 was not there.
Exactly. When a static route is on something like a WAN circuit and the link goes down it would take out that route and use another with a higher cost but since it is a LAN the circuit would not go down even if the first firewall did. The other issue is if something happens behind firewall 1 like it's link to the Internet dies there is no way to know that either.

VRRP on both firewalls would let the path out to the internet be represented by one address which only one of the firewalls would use at any given time. If one fails the other takes over that next hop address and the switch just routes to the other port where firewall 2 sits.

With a dynamic routing protocol and configuring firewall 2's side at a higher cost they would all just exchange routes and would use firewall one unless it went down.

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