data guard switchover (standby database startup mount)

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after 11g data guard switchover with Oracle Grid Control or dgmgrl I had to startup mount the new standby database manually. any idea why that could be?

dgmgr>switchover to standby

switchover complete but could not mount "new" standby database

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Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA Team

Whats the Error?


after the data guard switch. data guard didnt mount the new standby (former primary) database. so I had manuall go to the standby (former primary) database and do a "startup mount". If I dont do that no redo logs were applied on the new standby site.

you understand my problem?
1) . did you configure the listener properly... i.e. you have to add extra portion of global name like "db_unique_name.domain_DGMGRL"
you have to set it on primary and standby sites
2). Are you connected to DGMGRL using sys password or with just "/"
you have to connect like
DGMGRL> connect sys/<psw>
and not
DGMGRL> connect /

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