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Hi Folks,

We have a customer who has just taken delivery of a new Windows 7 machine running bundled Office 2k7 - replacing existing Windows XP / Office 2k3 setup. For the mostpart things have gone well with the changeover but we have been left with one major headache... Autotext entries stored in building blocks in Word 2007.

When opening a fresh new document, all AutoText entries appear as expected in the dropdown list from the Ribbon Bar button for Autotext (which we added from the options dialog) so no problems there.  However, open an existing Office 2003 Word Document and it's a different story.  Address blocks which in a new document appear fine, now occasionally get roman number based number list versions of the address - or the style is set to show the address (or whatever the entry is) in double line spacing. If we try and correct this whilst in compatibility mode we can then update the Autotext entries to the correct settings, and on closing and reopening the same document once this is done seems to show the Autotext entries appearing as expected.

However - open ANOTHER existing document and we're back to square one!

So... my question(s) are/is this... are we going about creating/saving these entries correctly?  Should these be saved as Building Blocks or in Normal? Is this a 'feature' of the new version of Office?  Is this a bug in compatibility mode?  Am I going mad???

Any help or suggestions very much appreciated!


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I think you might want to try migrating the autotext to building blocks.  See http://www.liv.ac.uk/csd/office2007/word/questions.htm which states in part:

To migrate AutoText entries to Word 2007:

In previous versions of Word, AutoText entries are stored in the Normal.dot template or in user templates. Word 2007 stores the entries as a separate template in the Document Building Blocks directory. During installation, the old Normal template is renamed from Normal.dot to Normal11.dot.

   1. Copy the old Normal template (Normal11.dot) from:

      C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\Normal11.dot
      C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks

2. Open the file C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\Normal11.dot from in Word 2007

3. Save the file as AutoText.dotx by choosing Office button | Save as | Word template and make sure the file type is Word document (*.dotx).  The file will then upgrade to the new Word 2007 format.

4. With AutoText.dotx open in Word 2007, go to the Building Blocks Organizer by choosing Insert | Quick Parts | Building Blocks Organizer... You will see your AutoText entries listed here.

5. In the Building Blocks Organizer, you can move AutoText entries to the Quick Parts gallery or any gallery you prefer. To do this, select an AutoText entry, click Edit Properties…, select the appropriate gallery in the drop down box, and click OK."

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