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We have installed about 10 ncomputing l230 devices with fair results.  Our next step would be training room with 20 seats, requiring a server as host.  I am concerned about performance and future application compatibility? Mostly office and power point training now.. Are there any experts with ncomputing experience in a large installation?  We are also looking at citrix zendesktop, a better solution but costing out a good bit higher.
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You can also look at for a vdi solution.
Hello we have been useing Ncomputing for a while. We had 17 on a server it worked for a while then started to really bog down, What i ended up doing was installing hyper v and ran 4-5 xp virtuals on them and it seemd to run alot better i think Outlook was not handeling the networking very well on the server 2003. Also i would find times where would would just really tax the cpu on opening. I again think this was a server 2003 problem because i dont have any of these issuse on the virtual xp.

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