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I was wondering what steps I could take to get outlook 2007 to open faster.  I noticed that I have a plug-in (Norton Anti-Spam).  I was wondering if I should keep this.  Doesn't Outlook also provide this function.  Should I keep both?

Also, If you have other insights as to getting Outlook to open faster that would be awesome.
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what type of mailbox do you have? if it's a personal account with lots of mail i'd run an archive - Outlook usually takes ages to start up because it's loading all the mail in your inbox
here is a list of some tips to speed it up:
If no tweaking helps you may want to upgrade your RAM if you can...


So far your advice has worked miracles.  I feel stupid it was that simple.

I will try a few of your tips as well.

Thank you both!

glad it worked for you

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