Showing all processes on Linux, including hidden processes

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How can I list all processes, including hidden processes (processes hidden from ps), in Linux?

I need to find a way, without installing any additional packages, to list all processes.

I know that ps aux will list pretty much everything, but I also need to be able to list any processes that may be hidden from ps.  

Any tips would be appreciated.


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ps -elf

If it is not listed by ps then you probably have a rootkit installed and there is no command that will output the process...
Monis MontherSystem Architect
By the way ps aux gives the same result as ps -elf and both give all process on the system, just like Blaz said if you think there are still other process running you might have a rootkit, install

rkhunter and scan your system for rootkits

Good Luck


I'm going to split it between you.  After doing more research, you're right, ps aux or elf will display all process known to ps.

I ended up doing some convoluted scripting in order to compare ps to the contents of /proc.


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