Which SATA PCI card? - Part 4 - Not Working

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Dear Experts,

I now have the HDD, PCI card, power splitter and an sata cable.  I have installed the PCI card, it was detected nicely and I installed the provided drivers.  I restarted the computer.  I then switched the computer off, plugged in the new HDD, but it is not being detected.

What is going on?
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What OS?  
Make sure the new drive has the correct jumper settings.
There is a tutorial on jumper settings here if needed.
You'll also want to check your BIOS settings. If the drive doesn't show up in the BIOS then your system won't see it.
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations Manager
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With a PCI SATA card sometimes the drive will not show up in the system BIOS but rather on the PCI Card Bios.... As soon as your computer beeps on booting, start tapping the F8 key to see if it gives you access to the PCI SATA Bios and allow you to select the boot device... ( I have one here that does this by pressing F8.... Your card might need pressing of another key).
Look it up in the cards manual...
Bits ...
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check your bios. normally you have to switch on sata support. in your case the mode should be sata+pata. it also can be that the detection of sata device was not done by bios. for example my asus p5ld2 has an additional raid bios for sata devices. if you have windows os you might check harddisk manager whether windows has detected the hdd. if so, you can create a partition and assign a drive letter.
Lieven EmbrechtsSenior IT Consultant
where do you think it is not being detected ?

- in the pci controller ?
usually there is some mgmt software to see the controller in more detail.

- as windows hardware ?
is the disc in the windows hardware list ? (right-click my computer, manage,  device manager, harddisks)

- as a formatted harddrive ?
(start, control panel, computer management, disk management, right-click the new drive and format it)


@ js-profi & Lieven_Embrechts:

Thanks, it was unformatted in the computer management / disk management section.

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