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I recently created a new mailbox for one of my users, who had a corrupt calendar.  I created a new user account and associated the new mailbox with that account.  I then exported the email from their old mailbox and imported it into their new mailbox.  I then exported their old calendar to a PST and attached it to the new maibox in Outlook.  This all seemed to work fine but I have noticed that the new mailbox I created appears in the disconnected mailbox folder on the Exchange Management Console, but if I view the mailbox properities in the mailbox folder under recipient configuration I can still see the new user account associated with the new mailbox.  The user appears to still be able to connect to their mailbox without a problem. I manually added the users original email address to the list of smtp email addresses associated with their new mailbox, so that mail coming in from outside goes to the new mailbox.

Not sure why the new mailbox is showing up in disconnected users... any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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From the exchange server that has the mailbox
Run this command
Clean-MailboxDatabase "Nameofthedatabase"


I think the problem could be to do with me renaming the new account i created so that the user could login with the same username as his previous account.  In the diconnected mailbox folder I can see under 'LegacyDN' there is an entry like:

/O=<my domain>/OU=EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP (FYDIBOH.....)/CN=RECIPIENTS=<original name of the user account> (e.g. the name of the user account before I renamed it)

Looks like there's the mailbox still has some kind of link to the user account before I renamed it.....  Could this be why the mailbox is showing up in Disconnected Mailbox's?
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Hi, I ran the Clean-MailboxDatabase command but made no difference.  I'll check out the articles.
Looks like the problem was that the legacyDN was still pointing to the name of the user account BEFORE I renamed it.  I changed this in ADSIEdit, ran a clean mailbox database again and the mailbox was removed from the disconnected mailbox folder.
Premkumar YogeswaranSr. Analyst - System Administrator

Can you try this command...
Remove-Mailbox -Database ” DB Name” -StoreMailboxIdentity $Temp.MailboxGuid

Check this link for the reason of the above command


Hi premglitz, I think there may be some confusion here, the problem was not that the mailbox in question was not showing up in the disconnected mailbox folder, the problem was that it was showing up in the disconnected folder as well as showing up in the standard mailbox folder.  

I read the latest articles you suggest and I did already apply mandatory properties and ran the command to identify legacy mailboxes but none were identified on my Exchange server.

I've sorted this now so will close this question

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