CentOS 5.4 - create large partition from 30TB RAID6 array using JFS

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I have been tasked with building out a server that uses an Areca 1280ml with 22 1.5TB sata drives, which is configured in a RAID6 array. I need to mount this array as one large partition using jfs. I am unfamiliar on how to do this.

The machine is built and patched.  There is a separate RAID1 mirror I am using for the OS.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Jim - Assuming you already have the hardware hooked up to the OS and everything booted you'll want to:

1) Create the raid6 array in the BIOS of the Areca card.  When the machine boots up there will be a specific hot key you need to press to access the raid card bios.  Once you're in you can setup the raid6 array using the 22x 1.5TB drives

2) Once the array is created you can boot into Linux.   You'll need to find which device your new raid array is.  If you run "dmesg |grep sd" you'll see a list of all the log entries that corrospond to hard drive devices which for your areca card/scsi/sata drives will always be /dev/sdX where X is a letter representing a different drive.  The logs will show the raw sizes of the drives so you'll know which one your big array is.  For the rest of this I'll assume it is sdb for example.

3) Run parted on /dev/sdb to setup a partition and files sytem.  ie: parted /dev/sdb

4) create your partition label/type.  For something this big you'll want gpt ie:
mklabel gpt

5) Create your partition - (Depending on whether your install of parted supports jfs you can do mkpartfs - I'm not sure if it does on CentOs - so you'll want to create a partition then format it at the CLI) ie:
mkpart MYNAME 0 -1

6) quit out of parted (q)

7) Create your filesystem on the new partition /dev/sdb1
mkfs.jfs /dev/sdb1


Thanks chenry334,

I had to rebuild the RAID6 and enable "Greater Two TB" support on the Areca Controller. 30TB is going to take awhile, but I will run through your instructions later on tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again!


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