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Installing windows 2008 without DVD Drive

Andrew Doades
Andrew Doades asked

I need to install windows server 2008 on a server, but the problem is the server doesn't have a DVD Drive, only CD.

Has anyone managed to get a usb boot disk for server 2008 or found a CD copy?

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You could attach an USB DVD drive to the server and install from there?
If it's a Dell it has a remote assistance card, or similar from other manufacturers. Those devices support 'virtual media'. That means you can connect to them by assigning them an IP at the BIOS level and attaching to them. They're completely separate, self contained web servers on a card in your server. So no OS is required. You connect to them, hook your personal computer's media up as virtual media to teh server and presto you can install the OS.
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I have installed from USB drive before but you need to make sure the server can boot from USB.

The easiest way is to get a USB DVD drive and install from there.
You would have to check and enable your server to boot from USB, you can get in touch wtih your server vendor or go through the BIOS options (What server do you have ) ?

You can create a bootable usb flash disk (minimum 4GB recommended) for Server 2008

"""""Copy your windows 2008 DVD onto a folder in your hard disk""""""
Insert your USB Flash on a windows vista, 7, 2008 or 2008 R2  system :
Open up a Administrator Command Prompt (Right Click > Run As")

on your admin command prompt : type "Diskpart" without quotes
Do a list disk to identify your USB Disk number and then follow the sequence (replace the disk number accordingly)

select  disk 1
 create partition primary
 select partition 1
 format fs=NTFS

Step 2: Make the Drive Bootable

Now you can either use magicdisc to mount the windows 7/ 2008 iso or insert the disc in the dvd drive

Insert your Windows Vista / 7 / 2008 DVD  into your drive.
on a command prompt
cd d:\boot

Use bootsect to set the USB as a bootable NTFS  drive prepared for a 2008 / 7 image. Now check the drive letter assigned to your USB Flash drive and then type the following on your command prompt :

bootsect  /nt60 g:               {{{{Replace G: with your USB flash drive letter}}}}}}

Copy the installation DVD to the USB drive

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the above steps were collected from different websites long time ago and i had a copy of them in my notepad


the link above is a reference for you too
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