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Replaced hard drive on my laptop

This has been a rough weekend!!!!!!.  I got the courage to upgrade both of my laptops (HP zd8000 and HP dv4000).  Both of these computers came from HP with Windows XP installed and when I got ready to install the operating system, the only disc that I could find was a recovery disc.  I had an unused disc for Windows XP so I used it on both computers and used the key that came with each computer to activate the software.

All seemed to be going okay until I noticed that I could not hear a sound so I checked the Sounds and Audio control panel and it says NO AUDIO DEVICE (on both laptops). Then I wanted to check the Power Options settings control panel and the HIBERNATION tab is missing then I went to play a clip on Windows Media Player and it could not open it so finally I went to Device Manager and here i found OTHER DEVICES Mass Storage Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, Network Controller, PCI Modem,Video Controller, Video Controller (VGA Compatable) ALL IN YELLOW QUESTION MARKS. (on both computers)

Should I contact HP and see if they can provide the proper disc for each of these machines or should I try to download stuff from their website?  The problem is that I don't know what I need to download.  Can some brave soul help me with this? Thanks

PS. I downloaded ALL of the upgrades up to service pack 3.
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Thanks a lot, so far things are working alright.  I got a few bugs here and there that I'm trying to work out.  One major one is that WMP will not play my movies and it doesn't give me the option to record in MP3 format.
WMP does not have that many codecs built in to it to play all of your movies. You can either download another program called vlc player (has many built in) and that will play your movies for you:

or get a codec pack and install that on your machine, like klite codec pack:

either way you should be able to play your films then.
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Sorry for the delay.  I've been without internet service for over a week.  Thanks for your help.