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Custom Outlook button to activate Excel and select a cell

I am no expert on Outlook and what is possible there, so bear with me (am familiar with Excel VBA though).

Is it possible to create a custom button somewhere in Outlook that when clicked will bring Excel to front and select a certain cell?  The button could be accessible from within an Appointment window, or from the Outlook calendar view, or from both (which would be very nice).

The subject of the Outlook Appointment would be for example "XYZ123", and the Value of one of the cells in column A in the Excel sheet too would be "XYZ123" - and that is the cell I would like selected.  (If the button is in the Outlook calendar view, assume the relevant Appointment is highlighted/selected or whatever the term is.)

If this can even be done, I have no idea how much code it will take, hence partial answers too will be much appreciated.
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See instructions and code at this link:
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David Lee
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WOW!  I am so impressed by this - I never thought I would get a spot on solution with complete and working code..... simply amazing.  Boy am I glad I posted this question!  Thank you!!!
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puppydogbuddy: the link describes how to create an Outlook form with Excel functionality (as far as I can tell) - interesting but not quite what I was looking for, it seems.

For anyone interested, regarding the code of the accepted solution, I used GetObject in stead of  CreateObject to grab an already open instance of Excel.
You're welcome!  I'm happy I was able to help out.  Cheers!