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How do I delete non empty folders using sftp or ftp

I am using a dreamhost backup server but only have rssh access. This only gives me sftp, ctp, ftp, rsync.
I want to delete non empty folders from the server but I cannot figure out how to do this.
Every time I try I get the error folder not empty. I dont really know linux commands that well.
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Agreed, mifurman1947 is right use use rm -rf  PATH/name_of_folder.
But be very careful with this command as it can cause a lot of damage if you type something wrong.  For example, if you type rm -rf / as root, you will start deleting the whole system and have to reinstall linux.  And it will not ask if your sure (unless you use rm -ir which will ask about each file).
Just be sure you don't have any typos.