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How can I read the character which is even in the Image , like jpg ,bmp

Is there the way I can read the character in the image file..

for instance, If I click button , the text in the image is popped out of.

please give me advice.
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To achieve this you need optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities in your application. Since Delphi does not provide this with the standard set of components you need to install third party component.
You can check and see if it will work for you.
Anyway it is not a simple task, it depends from the font in image, how sharp the image is, resolution and if you want to use it for captcha, then you are spending precious time. Hope it helps.

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Is there a componet ? I need this one for making a program.
Yes there are, but as I know non of them are free ($80 - $100)

and if you are searching for a free OCR (not a component) you can try to use the Active X given with Microsoft Office named Microsoft Office Document Imaging as stated here, along with an example
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I can not find this library >>"Microsoft Office Document Imaging 11.0 Type Library"

I'm using Delphi 2010 .
You should have Office 2003 installed for Microsoft Office Document Imaging 11.0 Type Library,
if you have Office 2007 than you have Microsoft Office Document Imaging 12.0 Type Library

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I've put the 'Microsoft Office Document Imaging 12.0 Type Library'. But the problem is the TMiDocView which I can not find.

I have to put TMiDocView in my form, but I can not find it .. Where Can I Find it?
have you added

MODI_TLB, comobj;

to the uses clauses?
Also copy the code below and try to paste it on the form:

  object MiDocView1: TMiDocView
    Left = 404
    Top = 116
    Width = 192
    Height = 192
    TabOrder = 0
    ControlData = {
Here is MODI_TLB.pas that you can use in your project, I generate it with BDS 2006.
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