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Cannot access web site - stuck in a redirect loop

I have set up a website which is hosted in someone's basement. When trying to access the website through any browser, I cannot connect. Although IE does not give me any good information to diagnose the solution, Firefox and Chrome both indicate that I am stuck in a redirect loop. I have attached screenshots.

The website is setup on a computer which has IIS.

The person hosting the site has told me that the router and firewall is redirecting all ports as they come in directly to the machine (ie: port 80 goes to port 80). We have tried changing ports to 5555 (see attached screenshot) but to no avail.

The web site is www.league-management.ca.

How should I diagnose and solve this issue ?

Thanks, Pete
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Brad Howe

8/22/2022 - Mon
James Murrell

If you're consistently seeing this error message, try deleting your cookies for the specific website in question.

OK, I have tried doing removing the cookies (sing my Firefox browser) but it has not fixed the problem.

I tried the following - maybe this will help diagnose the issue:

1. Setting the IIS TCP port on the webserver to 80:
       - from the machine itself, it finds the website
       - from the internet it goes into a redirect loop

2. Setting the IIS TCP port to 5555:
       - from the machine itself, it finds the website
       - from the internet it gets a network timeout error

Finally, not sure if this is part of the issue, but when I try to connect to the site - I do see the correct destination IP address. However, when I do a "tracert" or "ping" of the domain, it ends up at the domain's nameserver (and not the destination IP address).

This is funny, because with the domain name provider, I have setup IP forwarding to my destination IP address. Anyways, not sure if this is the problem....

Thanks again for the help, Peter
James Murrell

I am getting nothing in firefox, chrome IE8 or with ping
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William Peck
Michael Ortega

So I get resolution to the external website domain name. I can't telnet in on port 80. Port 5555 is accepting connections though, so it looks like the site is still listening on 5555. Do you have any redirect scripts, .htaccess, or anything else in the websites root directory that IIS would be reading and responding to? What about the configuration in DOCUMENTS. What's page is it supposed to be loading by default?

Brad Howe

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