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ESXi 4.0 How to crreate the correct dataStore

I just bought a new DELL R710 with 2TB of internal storage (RAID 5). When I created my first datasStore, I specified 1024GB (1TB). Once I went back to the summary page, I noticed the capacity was set to the default of 277GB. So, I deleted that DS and created a new DS accepting all the defaults. I have now moved most of my VMs to DS01, now it is almost full. I went in to create another dataStore, however I don't have the ability to select my LUN. So I can't create another dataStore.

Here is what I am doing;
1. Click "Configuration" tab
2. Click "Add Storage"
3. Select "Disk \ LUN"
4. I get a screen with a blank RH panel (See screen shot attached)

Please help...
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I am logged in as permissions should not be the problem.
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Are you able to select the 277GB LUN and click properties, then extend?
When I try to "increase" the 277GB datastore I get the same problem with a blank RH pane. This makes sense to me because when I created the DS set the max capacity to 277 GB (this was the default).

....I am not sure what I did wrong....
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I fixed it.....I had to go back into my Dell PERC controller, then destroy the 2.5 TB virtual disk, create 2 VD's that are less than 2TB. After the the install did everything for me just like ryder0707 suggested. It came up with both datastores already allocated an showing 1.25TB per datastore.