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Windows program to normalize audio in GoToMeeting wmv files

I have some GoToMeeting sessions with audio and video recorded in wmv format.

I'd like to normalize the audio in GoToMeeting wmv files, as well as perform some simple video editing - trimming, cutting out some sections.

Any suggestions on a Windows program that would accomplish this would be appreciated. The solutions that I've found require demuxing the audio, but if that's the only way to do the job, then the best way to do that would be appreciated.

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Demuxing is a bigger word that the task deserves. These days any audio editor can 'split' the video from the audio -- drop the audio on a timeline underneath the video. From there you can either export it to a video editor like Audacity -- normalise it and drop it back in and delete the old one.
You can actually do a bit of this in Windows Movie Maker (free with windows o/s).  It's kind of stodgy working in WMM though.  Other programmes that can do this easily are Sony Vegas, or Premiere -- Even Ulead Video Studio.
Audacity is a free solution. f you has access to Adobe Soundbooth (installed in the adobe suite package), it is a better and easier software, and can do this task very fast.
Audacity is a good and free choice. If you has access to Adobe Soundbooth (installed with Adobe Suite, with Premiere), its a better and easier solution.
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This task is not for those who have limited experience. If you have patience give it try
Virtual dub mod  and avi demux will do this but you need to convert the WMV to either avi or mpg
 there's more at >Sections/Browse similar tools: for editors etc
Guides and How to's included below install this one and it supports avi and mpg,
example of one how to..
How to convert the audio in a video to WAV
For normalizing the audio and cut/splice the video, you dont need demux, any editing software will do this automatically. Take any video  editor like Premiere or Vegas, splice, apply the normalize filter on audio and reencode the file.

You can finish this job using Windows Movie Maker + any audio editor. WMM dont have a normalize filter, but you can export the audio track to any audio editor, normalize and bring it back.
Here a step by step:

Virtualdub is for advanced video users,a overkill for this simple task.
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