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Can't re-install windows because numerous files can't be copied correctly

This all started after I got tons of blue screens, one error said "IQ not less or equal to"  there was another one, but I don't have the name off hand.  

I dont have any new hardware installs that would have caused the errors, I thought it could be my firewall, and that repairing windows was a good solution.

I didn't know how to do recovery mode, so I figured, screw it, I will re-install.  Now I can't because tons of files cannot be copied.

Please help
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Are you installing from a CD?  Is is scratched?  This may be why files can be copied.

I should warn that from what I can understand from your question, you decided to pop the Windows CD in your drive, reboot and reinstall windows.  Is this correct?  Since reinstalling windows does take some preparation I should ask if you've backed up your data.

When you reformat your drive, you loss everything on the disk depending at which stage you are.  Could you please give us some more details on what you've done so far?

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Data is backed up, I wanna wipe the partition and re-install.  The CD has been in a case for close to 6 years.  I don't really think wear and tear is an issue but I guess it could be.  

Based on what I said about getting the blue screen, is re-installing going to fix it? I read about it being bad memory...but re-installing was part of the fix for that.

How do I get a new disc?
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This issue could also be caused by a failing HDD. If you are attempting the reinstall from a known good CD and you are still having lots of copy errors you could have some a bad or failing drive. I would suggest running chkdsk on the drive being affected and see if it comes up with any bad sectors or error messages.

Also another thing to try if doing a complete reinstall. I have seen in the past where you will have issues copying files if you use the "format NTFS quick" verus the regular format which takes longer.

Give those two a shot and see if you have any luck.
I agree with the above.  Quick reformat will rip out the table of contents of your HD, but a full reformat will erase every page of the book and help solve any bad sector problems.  

So pick a good movie to watch while you wait.
Before you go to too much trouble, get the manufacturer of your hard drive and get their diagnostic tool.  Should let you know if the disk is bad before you go to the trouble of a reinstall.  Is this a Dell?  Dell has diagnostic tools in a small partition of the hard drive.  Of course, you may not be able to get to the internet if this is your only workstation...
How do I run chkdsk if I cannot get unto windows? I also went for the longer formatting process but no dice on that.
You can run chkdsk from the os install CD using the recovery console.
True, chkdsk from the install CD could give you some kind of idea if the hard drive is failing.  I forgot about the install CD.
if you have errors during the copying of files from CD to disk, in most cases it is due to ram problems. to be complete, here a list of things that can cause it :
a bad :
-cd or cd drive, or drive cable / connector
- ram
- disk
i would start by testing the Ram, then the disk.
best download ubcd, and run memtest86+ - you should get NO errors ! - then run the disk diag (long test, not quick one) for the drive you have  :      

note :  to me it looks like the "one step missed problem" ; you had a problem, and jumped to reinstall - without looking what the real problem was
i agree with nobus. blue screens mostly is a hardware issue but you can check it. if you boot from cd and get to the screen where it asks whether you want to install newly or repair a current system, you already have checked ram and basic access to disk. if you already have encountered a bluescreen up to here or get one when choosing/formatting an installation drive/partition it probably is something with your hard disk, or the controller, or the cpu cooling, or the ram.  
When I try to do the chkdsk it says I can't because NTLDR is missing.  Remember I did reformat, but then ran into errors with files not being able to be copied.
execute the diags as proposed..
what version of memtest? Keep in mind i do not have access to another computer to make a floppy disc.  I only have my laptop.  My desktop, has the problem and I cant even get it to boot from disc, due to NTFLDR being missing.

Yep, i did jump to reinstalling wondows without looking into this in too much detail.  Please respond with the exact link I need to download and what I need to do.

There's a million options and several download formats on the page above.  thanks for the help, please keep it simple.
memtest86+ but why a floppy?    use ubcd...much easier, and good for future troubleshooting.
if you have only this one, download it on another pc, and burn the cd..
Which one do I download and what's a good free cd burning software to use

    ** Memtest86+ V4.00 (22/09/2009) **

    * Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.gz)
    * Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)

    * Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable Binary (.gz)
    * Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable Binary (.zip)

    * Download - Pre-Compiled EXE file for USB Key (Pure DOS)

    * Download - Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS - Win)
I would go for the pre compiled bootable ISO. Just burn that guy to a cd and then it should run when you start the machine.
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It was memory, I replaced it and now it's all good.  I wish I ran the mem test before trying to re-install windows.  

thanks for all the help
many people complain to me when i ask them to test ram and disk, before doing anything else (it always looks like it is something else..) but it is just the first step to take with problems : be sure about the basics, and build on that..t
tx for the feedback!