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Signatures in Outlook 2003

I have three email accounts set up in Outlook 2003 with three different signatures.

When I send a new message the signature is always the default one. If I change the sending account from within the message the signature does not change.

Can I set Outlook up to switch signatures appropriately without having to go in and change the default account each time?

Alternatively is there a simple macro I could create to, say, create three NewMail buttons so I can switch default user quickly so I always get the correct signature.

I am reasonably familiar with Word VBA but the Outlook.VBA object model is a bit of a mystery to me.
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Sorry, I don't have Outlook infront of me, but could you use the Rules Wizard to check the message when sending, for specific names in the from field and add attachment?
erm, I meant Signature, not attachment
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Wow, fast response!  However the Mail Rules wizard only seems to allow you to set a rule for received messages or messages that you have SENT. I cannot see how to set a rule to apply to the message before it is sent.
have you set the different signatures to tie in with the different accounts?

in the signatures section of options you can specify which signature is used for each account (using the drop down menus), when you change the account to send from the signature should automatically swap over
Yes I have set different signatures for different accounts.  However when I click on New Message the default signature appears in the message.  If I then change the account from within the message the signature does NOT change.  
I must be missing something because I don't see how I can change the sending account BEFORE opening the new message window except by going into the account settings and changing the default.
can you post a screen dump of your signatures page?
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If you right-click on the signature it should allow you to change to another one quickly.  This might be the closest you're going to get to what you require.
Here are images of the three settings
bugger, i was hoping it wasn't set up properly.

When sending a new email, under the 'send' button you should have an 'accounts button'. when you change that does the signature change?
No.  Attached is a screen shot. You can see I have changed the sending account to LegalEdocs but the signature is still the (default) Briefclick one
thats it - you see the 'accounts' button next to send - that's where you change the account and the signature should change with it
oh shit, sorry, i see what you mean. is outlook fully patched?
I think so. Patched to SP3 see screenshot.
Experimenting I have just discovered that if I change Mail Editor to Word then changing the account DOES change the sgnatuiure. However, I don't really want to do that because I then get all my bespoke macro toolbars from Word cluttering up my Outlook screen.

Looks Like I need to create a VBA macro attached to a toolbar button to change signatures with the account.  Can anyone help with that?
hey better use this signature option.
You can add few signatures here and choose it while your going to drop your EMAIL
I don't apper to have that option.  Your screen dump looks like it is from Outlook 2007 not 2003?

OP has Outlook 2003, not 2007
i think the 12003 equivalent is in the insert menu
I will try to do this programatically when I get some time infront of a Outlook 2003 machine. I wrote something up which should do what you're after, however, the methods aren't available in 2003, so I have to find a way to rework it.
The Insert Signature is useful but it does not remove the old/wrong one. Better than nothing but a macro to select both account and signature together would be the best solution.

I have increased points to 500 for someone to give me that solution.

First Check the option "Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages. Then Close the outlook and Start the Outlook for changes to take effect.

After above chnages, When you create an email or change accounts, the sig changes with the account selection or you can right click on the sig area and select a new one.

I hope this helps,
Sorry, no it doesn't.  I have already established that using Word as the editor is required (see above). Hence needing a macro solution because I don't want to use Word as editor fo reasons stated.
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Hi LostInESpace,

It is working on perfectly on my system.

Please read the whole thread properly before posting your comments then you would see why you are not actually helping.  
In any event I am accepting psy053 's solution as this is what I was after.
Many thanks.  I was really struggling with Outtlook VBA object library an can see why now.