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How to create a reverse DNS record on windows sbs 2008


I have installed windows sbs 2008 std latley, everything works properly. to connect to the Remote web workplace, users use for RWW and for outloo web access. some of the users come to the office some times, and it is complicated for them to type in https://servername/owa when they want to login to their mailboxes( these are only remote users). I am thinking to create a reverse DNS record, so will go to https://servername/remote and to go to https://servername/owa for remote usrs using the internal network. can you please advise!
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hi there,

if i understand your question correctly you want every user to use no matter where they are? if they are at home,  at a remote location or at the office you want them to use the same url to get to the OWA?

this should allready be possible - what happens if you type in the url? do you get any error message? if you ping the same address does it respond with an internal or external IP?

also do you use ISA or another firwall/proxy?

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I don't have ISA, and I managed to do many installation and by default you can't login to the RWW using the external URL like
dunno about RWW i do not use that. but i have quite a lot of experience with owa i have configured it tons of times the way you describe u want yours to work. (with external urls also inside the same network as the exchange server)

you didn't say if the ping returned a external or internal ip?
zat's righht
aight I wish you best of luck.. I can't help you if you wont answer my questions.

when I pinged from internal, it gave me the internal Domain controller IP address but had no reply pinging.

does it work when you type in the IP address directly in your browser: https://internal-ip-address-to-server

i know this will give you certificate errors i just want to know if there's any connection between the server and client. you could also try telnet if u prefer telnet ip-address 80

you said that https://servername/remote and https://servername/owa worked. have you tried to "ping servername" and see if it matches the ip address returned by "ping"?
sorry when running https it's not port 80 but 443... the telnet command should be "telnet ip-address 443"
it works for both netbios name and IP address and it takes me to the IIS page
telnet worked fine too
have you tried to "ping servername" and see if it matches the ip address returned by "ping"?
sorry the pinged the old IP address of the server
which i had before, the ping servername replied by the current ip address
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I changed the record on the forward zones and it worked, but i wouldn't be able to sort it out without you bruv. thanks
problem sorted, thanks