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Need help to connect iPhone 3G to D-Link D-2460T Wi-Fi Router

    I'm trying to connect my iPhone 3G over Wi-Fi to a D-Link D-2460T router at my home.

The router is setup to offer DHCP and I have 1 desktop and 2 laptops connecting to it. All of them are able to fetch IP+DNS settings from the router. DHCP is configured to dish out IP's in the 10.19.168.x range. The security mode is WEP with a hex key.

The iPhone can detect the network without a hitch and asks me for the WEP key (password) when I try to join. Entering it makes it join the network... but for some reason it's unable to get a IP belonging to the pre-defined range in DHCP. The IP it gets belongs to a completely different segment, i.e. 169.254.186.x. Even the subnet mask isn't the standard instead it gets

I tried setting a static IP, gateway and DNS settings... but that doesn't help either.

I've even tried dishing out fixed IP's based on the MAC of the iPhone... no avail !!!!

However, when I use the iPhone at my office - it connects fine to the office networks.. there are both secured and unsecured networks there.. and the iPhone connects to both without a hitch...

Has anyone faced a similar situation and managed to figure out a solution?

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Alan Hardisty

8/22/2022 - Mon
Alan Hardisty

An IP of 169.x.x.x is a default (I can't get an IP Address, IP Address!).
WEP is the worst possible security you could be using on a wireless router (it can be hacked very easily) and you would be much better off using WPA / WPA2 and then the iPhone won't have any problems connecting.
Having said that - please try the following link which might get you going:
If you can change the Wireless Security to anything other than WEP, i would recommend it, or replace the Wireless box to one that provides better security.

@alanhardisty: Thanks for your prompt reply. My router supports both WEP and WPA. So will try the later and get back to you ASAP.

As for that link, I visited the page, but funny thing is I don't get that option to choose the kind of password, i.e. WEP Hex or ASCII... what I get instead is just a simple password entry box.

I'm running Firmware 3.1.3. Has that option been taken off in this version - or is there any other setting elsewhere that'll allow me to modify this?

Alan Hardisty

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@alanhardisty: Thanks a bunch. Switching over to WPA2 managed to do the trick. Based on this suggestion in another site, I tried doing a unsecured joining test by removing all authentication from my router. My iPhone joined without a hitch... next I turned on WPA2 and tried reconnecting. It asked me for the password and joined rightaway.. got the correct IP from DHCP too :D My day's made, thanks to you :)
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William Peck
Alan Hardisty

Happy Days.  Tip for the Day - Avoid WEP at all costs! ; )
Glad you are sorted - Thanks for the points.