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Error when connecting to sql server 2008 r2 via ODBC or Visual Studio

I am trying to connect to a fresh install sql server 2008 via ODBC from windows 7 and visual studio, both reject the connection.

The error I get is:

provider: named pipes provider, error: 40 - could not open a conection to sql server

There is more to it, but that is the general error.

I also am not able to connect to the server via ODBC.  The server is recognized as I can select it from my drop down, I just can't connect to it.  The error states the server does not exist or access is denied.

I have enabled TCP connection and remote connections on the sql server.  I have opened up port 1433 for outbound and inbound connections on the server, and on my windows 7 machine.  I am connecting using Windows Authentication and I am a domain admin.

Any ideas on what to do next?
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is the SQL Browser service running ?
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All sql related services are running minus SQL Active Directory Helper Service on Local Computer.
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Thanks for the info...currently, my installation is all jacked up, so I'm rebuilding it on the vm server...once that is up and running, I'll go through your troubleshooting steps.