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WCF: Service Model Metadata Utility Tool

I used that tool last time to generate the "class" file I needed for a service I was building.  However, I can't remember if I created a xsd file first for it to read and create the file from or if it simply created the file based on the functions in my Service.vb file?  anyone know?

also, this is going to be a straight Insert service, so I'm sorta confused on whether I need to define the "class" or again whether the service just uses my Insert function in the service.vb class, reads that and creates everything I need?

One more thing, is it because I used a Schema that I didn't need to define that class as a datacontract with all it's members as datamembers like I have to do with the enumeration I'm returning?

As you can see, I need some help finishing this thing and publishing it for mass consumption!
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