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Windows 7 and Roaming Profiles: Problems with excluding some folders

I'm currently setting up a windows 7 GPO in a lab domain (2008 R2) before deploying Win7 in my organisation. Ran in to problems with Roaming profiles, though. I don't want to roam some folders, like Desktop or Downloads, in order to to conserve bandwith.
When excluding the old XP folders, like Desktop, everything works fine: I log in to a new machine, the non-excluded folders are copied from the share and the excluded folder gets created in the profile.
When trying to exclude the new profile folders, like Downloads or Saved games, these don't get created when I log on to a new machine. When looking in the profile these folders are missing and in the left pane window the Downloads icon is blank, pointing to nothing.
I have uploaded screenshots to clarify, and a report of the GPO.
In my testing I have set the GPO to delete the local copy to simulate a user coming to a new machine the first time.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Hypercat (Deb)

It looks to me like the shortcut is pointing to the correct location. If you look at the C:\Users\test1 profile folder, is the Links folder there or not? Also, if you look at the roaming profile folder location, is it there? I'm just wondering if this is a problem with the GPO not working, or is it just the shortcut that's not working for some reason.

As seen on the second screenshot, the shortcut points to "links",which is correct, but has no target.
The reason for this is that the downloads folder is actually missing. There is none in the roaming folder and none is being created locally on the client
Hypercat (Deb)

I took a second look - the Downloads link should actually point to the Downloads folder in the profile, not the Links folder. So, this looks kind of strange, as though maybe the shortcut itself is corrupted. Is there a Downloads folder in the profile?
I suggest starting with a completely new profile. IOW, delete both his local and roaming profiles. Then log on to the workstation as him again, so it creates a completely new, fresh profile. Then log off so that it creates the roaming profile. See if that corrects the problem.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

No it doesn't and that is exactly my problem. I've noticed that Location (links) acutally is correct - same look on a non- roaming profile. But since the downloads folder is missing from the profile when excluding that folder in the GPO, the link obvioulsy has no target.

My qustion is - shouldn't the downloads folder (when excuded from the roaming profile) be generated locally on the PC? What am I doing wrong?
Hypercat (Deb)

Yes, if the folder is excluded from the roaming profile, it should exist on the local computer (and only on the local computer). That's why I'm suggesting recreating the roaming profile. After deleting both the local and roaming profiles, logging on to the computer as the user will create a new local profile, and then the roaming profile will be recreated when you log off.
There is one catch that exists with Vista and probably also with Windows 7. When you delete the profile, sometimes it still hangs around in the registry. Here's an article addressing that:

Thank you for your reply. I have deleted the roaming profile but with the same rexults.
The thing is - when I exclude the Desktop folder, that folder is absent in the roaming profile. But when logging in to a client, the Desktop folder is created on that client. As it should be.
When excluding the Downloads folder,that folder is also absent in the roaming profile - but when logging in on the client no Downloads folder is created - hence the missing folder in the profile and the dead link.
Have you been able to reproduce my problem?
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Hypercat (Deb)

I haven't had a chance to try to recreate this behavior. I'll try to test it here and get back to you.

Hypercat (Deb)

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Thanks for your effort! Interessting that you get a different result then me, yet still don't get it to work right. I guess I better get a support case against MS about this, then.
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William Peck

Seems to be a bug, not much more to do about it right now..
Mino DC

There isn't a bug....but after hour and hour of tests....i've resolved in this way....

The Folder's Name must be in English....

Desktop;Downloads;Documents ...etc etc

For test, you can use run menu and digit "%userprofile%\documents" etc etc

Hi all,
I have tried all above suggestions but still fail to exclude the Downloads folder. I only want to exclude the Downloads folder from the roaning profile. I have defined the policy in GPO (i have tried "Downloads", "Downloads;", "%userprofile%\Downloads" and "%userprofile%\Downloads;". Unfortunatly the files within the Downloads folder still are being synched with the server and the workstation.
Did anyone get an answer to this problem?
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