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Sharepoint no results (Sharepoint Server 2007)

Sharepoint search feature not working.  When performing a search, Sharepoint never finds a match :-
No results matching your search were found.
Check your spelling. Are the words in your query spelled correctly?
Try using synonyms. Maybe what you're looking for uses slightly different words.
Make your search more general. Try more general terms in place of specific ones.
Try your search in a different scope. Different scopes can have different results.
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I've checked the obvious to see if the Office Sharepoint Server Search is running and also the sharepoint services from within the central administration.  Not sure what credentials I should be using ?, i've got the option of Local or Network or selecting a domain account.  Also it is worth mentioning that this installation is using the full version of SQL Server.  Maybe there is an issue with indexing I don't know ?
have you check the timer jobs are running in the admin site ? also is the sharepoint timer service running ? you should see when the jobs last ran under the operations tab.

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They appear to be the last one has failed though.

Application Server Administration Service Timer Job  SVR-SHR-001  Failed  100%  2/16/2010 1:08 PM  
Application Server Timer Job  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 1:08 PM  
Bulk workflow task processing  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/15/2010 10:09 PM  
Bulk workflow task processing  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/15/2010 10:22 PM  
CEIP Data Collection  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 4:32 AM  
Change Log  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 1:29 AM  
Change Log  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 12:11 AM  
Child farm content source discovery  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 1:00 PM  
Config Refresh  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 1:09 PM  
Database Statistics  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 12:05 AM  
Database Statistics  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 2:40 AM  
Disk Quota Warning  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 4:54 AM  
Disk Quota Warning  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 1:23 AM  
Document Conversions  SVR-SHR-001  Succeeded  100%  2/16/2010 1:09 PM  
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Looking at my crawl settings ive only got 1 item in the index.

Crawl Settings
  Indexing status: Computing ranking
  Items in index: 1
  Errors in log: 1
  Content sources: 1 defined (Local Office SharePoint Server sites)  
  Crawl rules: 0 defined
  Default content access account:\sharepointadmin
  Managed properties: 127 defined
  Search alerts status: Active
  Propagation status: Propagation not required
What does the crawl log say?
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Crawl Log:-
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. (ComInterop Exception) Local Office SharePoint Server sites 2/16/2010 9:37 AM  
Crawled Local Office SharePoint Server sites 2/16/2010 9:37 AM
Check the web.config of the web applications containing your sites (the one search is going to crawl)

In there, it should say impersonate=true
If it says false, change it to true and save the web.config, perform an iisreset and start the crawl again.
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Which web.config file do I need to look at, there are quite a few in IIS.

Also how do you do an IIS reset and re-start the crawl ?

The site is at a certain url. SharePoint sites are located by default in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\virtualdirectories\
and then followed by either a port number (if you are using that) or the hostheader of the site

so if you got http://myserver:2030 as base url for your sites you should look into
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\virtualdirectories\2030 for the web.config

Iisreset can be done in a command window by typing iisreset
Restarting the crawl can be done in your SharePoint Search Administration (where you are checking out the log files)
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I seems that an indexing server wasn't set. Somehow this may have happened during a SQL Server upgrade !.  I made this change and installed all Windows update and hey presto !
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TheLearnedOne my post 26583288 provided the solution and post 26603003 by the user confirms it fixed the problem. I think full points should be awarded and question should be marked answered.