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Disable mysites issue Moss 2007

Since installing SP2 on our SharePoint enviornment it seems MySites have been enabled for some users.

Previously when users clicked on peoples names, for example a users name on the bottom of a page where a user has added an item, it would take them to a summary of the user. However since the SP2 install, for some users they no longer have a summary page, instead it is directing them to the MySites page.

I have tried going into the SSP admin, and disabling the MySites as detailed on this site, however there are no groups added to the permissions options, only a select number of users.
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Go to the Central Administration Web Page
Click on the link for Shared Services Administration
Select the group you want to limit the functionality for.
In the next screen you will see a list of checkboxes,
Uncheck Create Personal Site

This does not remove the existing mysites. You need to remove them manually or with a powershell script.
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I have tried this, however in that list there are no groups in the list, just a select number of users.

Any you saying that if user John Smith currently has a mysite ( for whatever reason) users wil continue to be directed to his mysite no matter the permissions until I delete it?
Yes, the permissions only apply to the creation of new sites.
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So someone has previously had permissions to create these mysites?

How do you go about deleting the mysites?
Mysites are site collections, so you need to delete each site collection manually.
Go to central admin, open the web application hosting the mysites and delete all the site collections one by one.
or you can use powershell scripting to do that:
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So delete the whole site collection for mysites? I cant find anything on an individual status.
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Just investigated, and the mysites haven;t been created as site collections, but infact subsites.

Any ideas?
AndyCam: I think you're justifiably confusing the profile page with an actual mysite... can you confirm that if the user clicks on the "My Home" an actual My Site exists or does it try to create one?
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'My Sites' are always site collections.  They look like subsites but they are not.

Download the Sharepoint Administration Toolkit from the Microsoft site (you'll have to search for it)  With it you can quickly review the 'My Site' site collections and delete them.
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Raybies: If I click on some people, not all, I get directed to the mysites page, not the user profile which is still on main SharePoint web app. WE want the users to be directed to the user profile page, and most are but a few aren't.
Tedbilly: Are you sure? I have looked and cannot find the site collections. I will have a look at the  Sharepoint Administration Toolkit but at this time I would rather not put this on, as Its a complicated process to implement change process etc. Is there anyway to find these site collections without using this tool?
AndyCam: There are 2 profile type pages, 1 on the site collection and 1 on MySites, but it is not a "mysite".

If you've setup a sharedservice provider and the mysites application you will get both.
If a user profile doesn't exist in the SSP you can still see it in the sitecollection...

anyway try this:

1.- Open in Notepad: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\userdisp.aspx

2.- Change Scope="Farm" to Scope="Web" like below....

There's another way using a feature... but this way is EZ
<SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" id="DelctlProfileRedirection" ControlId="ProfileRedirection" Scope="Web" />

Open in new window

Using Central Admin select the 'My Site' web application.  Then select the 'Site Collection' list.  You will see a list of all the site collections for the individual users that have been created.  I'm quite sure they show up there.
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Rayb ies, I will try this on our test environment to see what it pulls back.,

Tedbilly - I have chcked this list and its empty.... which is confusing me.
Then I think you need to install the Sharepoint Administration Toolkit and see if you can analyze the web application.

PS: Are you 100% sure you selected the 'My Site' web application first before looking at the site collection list?
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100%. I have an idea in that taking away all permissions to the mysites, and thus hopefully it should act as if it wasn't there.

Very confusing it though.
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I haven't taken the permissions away yet, I am planning on doing this later. If this fails I will use the toolkit.
Did u ever try: Change Scope="Farm" to Scope="Web" like below

I know it works, but did u try it?
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No Raybies, I will do this tomorrow though and let you know.