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massive decrease in network performance

We just changed providers at my company...we had a 3mn circuit shared between oice & data. Now we have a 4.5mb circuit (3 T1s) with Airespring. Installed last Tuesday, we were seeing nice performance was testing well. Now, as of yesterday, my upload speed in particular has dropped off considerably for no apparent reason. The underlying carrier is XO, and they did some intrusive testing last night and everything came up clean on their end. So, they are saying it's something on my end, though nothing has changed that I am aware of. I'm seeing upload speeds between 500-1000kbps while download remains around 3300kbps. I've restarted my Pix 515e with no effect. Where should I begin looking to diagnose this issue?
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I would start checking all related interfaces for errors (see the interface statistics on devices attached directly to the link). I would tried to check if there are lost packets (ping command. Best is to force the ping to send packets at the speed the responses appears - you need Linux or cisco for it)..
I would checked actual amount of data tranafered thgough the line (bits per second graph and packet per second graph from the device connected to the link)

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